Leon High School
Tallahassee, Florida

Class of 1959
1. I'd like to have a T-shirt that says "I survived my 55th Leon High School Reunion" (with a Lion graphic), if we knew someone who could do them cheap.

2. I'd enjoy lunch with all at Mutt & Jeff's, but they're not open weekends last time I checked. Maybe a Friday noon get-together?

3. I JUST HAD A LOLLAPOLOOZER OF AN IDEA!!  One of my complaints and one I've heard from others is that there were several people at the reunion that I'd have liked to say hi to if I'd known they were there, but I didn't find out until I saw the attendees list after I returned home. How about this! Someone gets up on the mike and calls out the name of every person who's there, and each person stands up and waves when their name is called.  Whoopee! We know who all is here!

4. Email from Judy Mimms Lange: We have a T-shirt company here in Franklin and they are quite reasonable.  We recently purchased 100 shirts for the Retired Miami Firefighters Reunion last month for $11.00 each.  Good quality cotton, round neck, one pocket on left breast and beautiful 4 color pictures of firefighters in action on the back.  They are called "Bear Prints" and you might be able to find them online.  Pass this on to the committee and let me know if I can be of any assistance.  (Passed along to Judy Thompson Goodwin)

Waiting for you to speak up! I'll keep adding my thoughts .. hope you all will do the same. My email is still rjhoffman@yahoo.com.

5. (June 3, 2013): Hi Bob,  I like your idea for the roll call and would be nice to hear a little more from each person when they get up to wave, maybe where they presently live, occupation or how they spend their time now or in the past and their family.  Patsy Ward Sabia
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Way back in 2004, we started the 50th Ideas page, where quite a few folks contributed their ideas for the 50th Reunion. Many of the ideas were used, some were not, but they all might be appropriate to consider for the 55th reunion in 2014 (assuming we get past 2012 :).

Look back on the 50th Ideas page, then email me with any more ideas and vote again on the webpoll on the right. I'll update that with new suggestions as they come in.

If there were parts of the 50th that you enjoyed enough to want to repeat, email me and I'll add them to the poll. For example, if you liked The Chaotics (band Friday night), we can add them to the suggestions for the 55th.
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Vote on the Ideas for our 55th Reunion!       Select the ones you like most:
1 - Scholarship
2 - Cruise
3 - Event at Leon
4 - 50's theme
5 - Trivia quiz
6 - 50's dress
7 - Find Fernandez
8 - 50's band
9 - Reunion T-shirts
10 - Sock hop
11 - Senior class trip
12 - Joint with '58 and '60
13 - Large print/photo badges
14 - DJ Randy Traynor
15 - Tally bus tour
16 - Classmate biographies
17 - Lunch at Mutt&Jeff's