Leon High School
Tallahassee, Florida

Class of 1959
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Look back on the 50th Ideas page and the 55th Ideas page, then email me with any more ideas and vote again on the webpoll below. I'll update that with new suggestions as they come in. I initialized it with the poll from the 55th page.

If there were parts of the 50th & 55th that you enjoyed enough to want to repeat, email me and I'll add them to the poll.
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Vote on the Ideas for our 60th Reunion!       Select the ones you like most:
1 - Scholarship
2 - Cruise
3 - Event at Leon
4 - 50's theme
5 - Trivia quiz
6 - 50's dress
7 - 50's band
8 - Reunion T-shirts
9 - Sock hop
10 - Senior class trip
11 - Joint with '58 and '60
12 - Large print/photo badges
13 - DJ Randy Traynor
14 - Tally bus tour
15 - Classmate biographies
16 - Lunch at Mutt&Jeff's

APRIL 5TH and APRIL 6TH 2019

Beef ‘O’ Brady’s, 1800 Thomasville Road 32303 (Back Room)

Food and Beverages available to purchase.

SATURDAY Café Taverna, 1019 North Monroe Street,  32303
Private Dining Room – Cash Bar
5:30 p.m. Social /appetizers provided.
7:00 p.m.  Buffet dinner, tea, coffee,
dessert provided
The cost is $35.00 per person for the reunion.

If you are planning on attending, please complete the attached form and submit it and your check made payable to Ann L. Dart at 1020 Terrace Street, Tallahassee, FL  32303 by March 15, 2019.

If you are not planning on attending, please either return the form completed to Ann L. Dart, 1020 Terrace Street, Tallahassee, FL  32303 or e-mail to annldart@aol.com. Or e-mail to maryHemmeter@comcast.net.  We would like to have this information so we can update our directory and contact you about future events.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call Jo Gaylon Barfield, (850) 878-1223, Ann L. Dart, (850) 222-0887 or (850) 510-6358 or Mary Lillian Hemmeter (850) 523-0839.
List of those who have paid their $35 as of 25 March


John and Elaine Bembry
David and Joanne Brown and daughter Cathy Boortz
Gene and Marilyn Brown
Mary Crumpton Brown
Delaine Callender Gardner
Marsha Cantrell
Sue Clements Smith
Bruce and Pep Culpepper
Eleanor Cunkle Grant
Lee Lee Cobb Arnold
Ann Dart
Patsy Durden Toloday
Judy (Durrance) and Henry Stone
Claire Essig Traynor
Jo Gaylon Jordan Barfield
Shirley Gilmer Moore
Bill and Janet Hall
Gloria Hancock Maddox
Bitsy Hay Rogers and friend Tom Winn
Robert Hoffman
Linda (Johnson) and Ken Smith
Judy (Jones) and Mark Hopkins
Mary Lillian (Jones) and Doug Hemmeter
Nancy Keith Wheaton
Mary (Cummins) and Joby Kidd
Molly (McCain) and Frank Mullins
Bonnie Lee (McConnell) and Lawrence Lindsey
John McEachern and friend Linda Palmer
Duane (McNair) and Fred Mabry
Lessie "Dee" McKinnie Keck
Koulla Mitchell
Karen Moore Baughman
Frank and Cindy Moseley
Buck and Betsy Oven
Sally Ann (Parham) and Vic Johnson
Robert Parker
Johnny and Penny Petrandis
Richard Presnell
Palmer and Mary Call Proctor
Judy Quick Cowart
Paul Reynolds
Lou Rich Long
Andy and Martha Roberts
Sandy Spencer Miller
Glenn and Margaret Stalvey
JIm Tait
Bonnie Thomas Gandy
Judy (Thompson) and Warren Goodwin
Stephen Turner
Carol Tyler Bowers  (Friday nite only)
Buddy Underwood
Carol (Van Aken) and Rich Oppel
Ken and Karen Van Assenderp (Friday nite only)
Susan (Yancey) and Pat Perkins
The information sent out prior to the reunion is at the bottom of this page.

Immediately below, you'll find some photos taken at the reunion event at Beef O'Brady's by Ann Dart and Martha Roberts. Thanks to Ann for going through all of the motions to send in the photos - it turned out to be no small feat.
Click on photos to see enlarged view and captions.
Mary Lillian Jones Hemmeter and her husband Doug

Mary Lillian Jones Hemmeter, Ann Dart, Jo Gaylon Jordan Barfield

Delanie Calendar Gardner and Jo Gaylon Jordan BarfieldLee Lee Cobb Arnold, Duane McNair Mabry, Nancy Keith Wheaton, Buck Oven

Carol Van Aken Oppel, Frank Mullins, Molly McCain Mullins, Rich Oppel (Carol’s husband), Margaret and Glenn Stalvey1959 senior annual, 2019 directory for 60th reunion Mary Lillian Jones Hemmeter, waitress from Leon High, and  Ann DartBob Hoffman and Andy RobertsMartha and Andy Roberts, Ken Smith and Linda Johnson Smith

Buddy Underwood, Gloria Hancock Maddox, Penny Petrandis, Shirley Gilmer MooreElaine Bembry (John’s wife) and Andy RobertsGene Brown, John Bembry, Marilyn Barineau Brown (Gene’s wife)Molly McCain Mullins, Eleanor Cunkle Grant, Frank Mullins (Molly’s husband) and Delaney Callender GardnerAnn Dart, Mary Lillian Jones Hemmeter
Andy and Martha Roberts, Ann Dart, Mary Lillian Jones Hemmeter, and Jo Gaylon Jordan Barfield
Mary Lillian Jones Hemmeter, Lee Lee Cobb Arnold, Karen Moore Baughman
Ken Smith, Linda Johnson Smith, Vic Johnson, Sally Ann Parham Johnson 
Judy Thompson Goodwin and husband Warren Goodwin
Andy Roberts and Eleanor Cunkle GrantPaul Reynolds and Lessie “Dee” McKinnie KeckJanet Langston Hall, Bill Hall, Delaine Callendar GardnerSue Clements Smith Sandy Spencer Miller and Lou Rich LongRobert Parker and Tom Winn (Bitsy’s cousin)Sandy Spencer Miller, Bitsy Hay Rogers, and Jo Gaylon Jordan BarfieldGlenn Stalvey and wife Margaret Ausley Stalvey, Gene BrownJudy Jones Hopkins, Mark Hopkins, Sue Clements SmithJohn McEachern and John BembryRobert Parker, Bonnie Thomas Gandy, and Duane McNair MabryBuck Oven his wife Betsy Oven, Duane McNair Mabry and Judy Jones HopkinsSusan Yancy Perkins with her husband Pat PerkinsDoug Hemmeter (Mary Lillian’s husband) and Paul ReynoldsMary Crumpton Brown and Sandy Spencer MillerMary Call Collins Proctor (Palmer’s wife) and Lou Rich LongJudy Durrance Stone and her husband Henry Stone Marilyn Barineau Brown (Gene’s wife) and Joanne Wadsworth Brown (David’s wife)Claire Essig Traynor and Lee Lee Cobb ArnoldRobert Parker and David BrownAndy Roberts and  Bitsy Hay RogersMary Cummins Kidd and Bitsy Hay RogersArthur Clements (Sue’s brother) John McEachern and Joby KiddAndy Roberts and Palmer ProctorMary Lillian Jones Hemmeter and Arthur Clements (Sue’s brother)Glenn Stalvey and Andy RobertsJim Tait and Tom Winn (Bitsy’s cousin) Marilyn Barineau Brown, Bill and Janet HallEleanor Cunkle Grant, Mary Call Collins Proctor, and Molly McCain MullinsBobby and Dana LaneRich Oppel, Palmer Proctor, Pep Culpepper, Bruce Culpepper, Carol Van Aken OppelSusan Yancy Perkins and Pat Perkins, Lessie “Dee” McKinnie Keck, Robert ParkerMargaret Stalvey, Molly McCain Mullins, Frank Mullins, Jo Gaylon Jordan Barfield, Delaine Callendar Gardner, Glenn Stalvey Eleanor Cunkle Grant, Ann Dart, Mary Crumpton Brown, Nancy Keith Wheaton, Claire  Essig Traynor Gene Brown, Marilyn Brown, Linda Palmer and John McEachernJoanne Brown, Judy Jones Hopkins, Cathy Boortz (Joanne and David’s daughter), David Brown Mark Hopkins, Doug Hemmeter and Paul Reynolds Cindy Moseley, Janet Hall, Frank Moseley, Bill Hall, Dana Lane, Bonnie Thomas Gandy, Penny and Johnny PetrandisJudy Quick Cowart and Patsy Durden TolodaySandy Spencer Miller, Lou Rich Long, Judy Durrance Stone and Henry StoneTom Winn (Bitsy’s cousin), Joby Kidd, Johnny Petrandis, Mary Cummins Kidd and Bitsy Hay RogersArthur Clements (Sue’s brother), Jim Tait and. Sue Clements SmithMartha and Andy RobertsJudy Quick Cowart, Patsy Durden Toloday, Marsha Cantrell, Elaine Bembry (John’s wife)Eleanor Cunkle Grant and Carol Van Aken OppelBuck and Betsy Oven, Martha and Andy Roberts Entrance for the Saturday nite event
Table decorations Doug Hemmeter and Bob HoffmanBaby pictures of some of our classmatesJoanne Wadsworth Brown, their daughter Cathy, David BrownMary Crumpton Brown, Nancy Keith Wheaton, Claire Essig Traynor, Eleanor Cunkle GrantLinda Palmer (John McEachern’s friend), Mark Hopkins, Judy Jones Hopkins, Mary Lillian Jones HemmeterSue Clements Smith. Bitsy Hay Rogers, Arthur Clements Penny and Johnny PetrandisElaine Bembry, John Bembry, Bobby Lane, Dana Lane